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Welcome to my life...Welcome to the drama. I've been told my life is kind of a soap opera...and who doesnt like soap operas? if you read my blog at all, please subscribe, it makes me happy! :)

Baby its alright now you aint gotta flaunt for me...

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on Jun 3, 2007 at 3:20PM

Ahhh Yes. Not too much has happend this week.
Actually now that I think about it, stuff has.
Monday I went out to see Pirates 3 with blonde hick, he also got me a rose. Then we made out and dicked around in his jeep . it would have been awesome despite the fact that oh I dont know. HE WAS GIGGLING the whole time. Wtf?! I wanted to be like is something funny?! So yeah. not so much fun.

Then the week was spent with homework comming out of my ass, and random jank, with a barbeque on friday at school, aka extended lunch! :)

Friday night was too much. I went to some bar with a bunch of guys, one that I was kinda liking...I drank too much (note to self: BEER is the enemy!) and turned into a whore. I tried to get into the guys pants...I gave him a lapdance at the bar...and danced with a bunch of people I didnt know. On the way home I made him stop so I could puke, then I puked twice once I got home. Beer is a definate write off!

Last night was pretty fun, I spent it with a guy I had been talking to for months....I'll call him ironic guy. Anyways. I'm pretty sure I made a huge mistake after going bowling. We went back to his place to watch a movie, and I knew we were going to fool around...but umm. We had sex. and it was awesome. I also gave him head. He kept grabbing me and pinching me, it kind of hurt, alot, but i sorta liked it. I gave him scratchmarks all over his back :-P I wanted to have sex with him, but I have a feeling it was a bad idea because I like him. I also had an allergic reaction to something, either soap or lube, because hahahah. Apparently what I said was innapropriate...so "BLEEP". I texted him this morning to tell him, and he texted me back so that can't be a horrible sign. I don't know, last night I thought about it as if there really is something between him and I then he'll answer when I call, or callback if he's busy.

I am going to lose weight this summer, it has to be done. Ever since I went on my asthma meds and my nasty rash came I've been eating shit, and I've gained around 10 lbs. I'd love to lose 30 lbs...but Hmm. lets not get crazy. I also need to save my money, because I am going to beauty school in Sept and then college for a year for business. And maybe more, who knows.
:) Well. Good times being naked with no bedsheets with a fan blowing on me, but i need to work :)
Grad is this comming weekend...and I'm probably the least excited person. ever. Oh well!

Just looking at you lights a flame inside....

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on May 28, 2007 at 5:17PM

Hmm. Well Im not nearly as low as I was before. Id like to call that period, one day before I exploded. I went to the doctors, he couldnt figure out what was wrong with me, and gave me pills to make my period come. Pretty sure I got it that night. CUTE. School is going to make me rip my hair out. I wrote a 3 page journal entry for HAMLET today, it was due friday but i stayed home because I wasn't feeling school. yey. This weekend was 90% bust, 10% awesome. I went out with this cute guy I met online, we'll call him blonde hick! haha. He got lost three times before finding my house, and he's fucking cute as hell. He has a monster jeep, which is VERY difficult to get into when you're wearing a mini skirt! I succeeded, but only first by flashing my ass and my crotch. Its because I'm classy. We proceeded to go to three bars, which kinda all sucked hardcore. Then he and I went to the casino, which was pretty fun! I got three drinks over a period of at least 4 hrs, so I was pretty damn sober. He then drove me home and I gave him a hug and he asked for a kiss on the cheek. DAMNIT, I wanted more...but I did not ask, and neither did he.
The rest of the weekend was spent at my house, being a lazy ass and barely leaving my room.
I also signed up for this lame site...its basically about hooking up "beautiful girls" with "wealthy men", which is crazy because I am one of the last people that cares about how much a man makes...but I seem to have harboured some older man love...and I found a fricking sexy one...but I think he's slightly retarded. He asked me if i was an escort. Umm !? PARDON!? Myah. thats cute. I also hit on many many men....and got hit on back, and met this guy that has thrown my world into a random tizzy. I like him, he's turning 28 this year. He also likes two other girls, both whom he started talking to before he met me. He's also three hours away and wants a girl that will move to where he is. I want him for myself. We will call him perfect asshole. HAHAHAHA. Its one of those I want to hate him but Im so attracted to him. HATE THOSE.

friend drama is secretly pissing me off. I am starting to hate everyone, and just can't wait till I'm done with this bullshit and everyone just leaves. YEY.

My prom in ontario was this weekend. Or I should say my former prom. It was hard. Grad here doesn't mean shit to me, I could honestly care less about it. If I were still in ontario it would be special, I would have dressed up and all that jazz, but here it doesnt feel normal for me. While everyones booking their hair appointments and getting all ready, (its in 13 days) I don't give a fuck, I'm not going to anything, just the commencement cerimony, if that.

My mom and I got to talking on friday, and shes thinking about starting a laser hair removal place in our house. I have altered my plans and am going to become an esthetician before I go to university :) I think its something nice to fall back on, and one can never take too much care of themselves.

I have become obsessed with the new timbaland album. At first I hated it, but the song "fantasy" is such a lapdance song. Which Im ready to do to anyone at any point . (Yay for being over the top horny because of my period...)

Well. I have lots of laying around to do. My mom and I are going to visit one of our family friends in rehab, apparently its like high class rehab, we'll see. We're also getting icecream. Yummm. :)
Hopefully this weekend isn't going to be the dis-ass-ter I think it's going to be. But who knows, I could get lucky...

You're sick of feeling numb? You're not the only one...

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on May 22, 2007 at 7:57PM

This weekend was amazing...Sunday blew my mind. The club was packed, I was a bit overdressed and got a bit drunk, but who cares! There were alot of asians...and a good majority of them (the people there) wouldnt move when you said excuse me and danced like shit. Not so cute. I went on stage and showed em how its done. Alot of black men hit on me (which is ok with me!) and it was overall a good night. religious girl didnt get hit on at all....Im not sure why though.

Yesterday I talked to this guy all day...thinking wow what a great guy! He told me he'd txt me and call me today....its fucking almost 9 pm...and I am not impressed. Today was a shitty day for me. i stepped on the scale, felt like shit because I feel like a damn house. My rash still is grossing me out. and I hate myself today. Ever since what happend on saturday...I just havent really been myself. Either Ive been an attention whore (basically) or a withdrawn idiot. Way to be....Why do guys talk for an entire day....basically saying they want me, then the next day disapear. its gross.

I have alot of stuff comming up this week, schoolwise, and its going to be tough but I can do it!

The worst part is I cant start dieting even though Ive gained so much weight. I just keep eating, and I dont know why. Honestly, what a shitty day.

I dont really have much to talk about. I just felt like releasing my feelings somewhere. I told my best friend and my ex about what happend (my ex is still one of my best guy friends) My best friend was like oh god are you ok? and my ex was like well live and learn. I just feel like I have no worth or something.

My mom is also mad at me because I made fun of her boyfriend. Frick, grow up.

Hmm. just another bump in the road I presume?

Her heart raced as he walked through the door...

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on May 20, 2007 at 2:27PM

Its sunday...and so far my weekend has been ...interesting. Some parts awesome, some parts scary, some parts stupid.
Yesterday was alright...I had to clean a bit...I got up at 1 pm...and I decided to give this guy who had been trying to hang out with me a chance. Was it a good idea? Im not sure. I did my hair...got all dolled up with my damn rash...and got a ride to the bar (his friend was using his jeep and he was drinking so yeah) after five cran-apple (cranberry and pineapple) martinis, and he had probably 5 rum and cokes and 2 beers... I was pretty drunk. I was playing pool against him, all 6'4 of him. ... he was so fricking good looking, but with the personality of a fucking douche bag...His laugh was irritating, but suddenly got cute once I was drunk...anyways. I decided to ask him back to his house (he and I had been making out at the bar) bad idea? I think so. I was so drunk...gah. We went back to his place...and he carried me to the bed and tried to go up my shirt...and stopped when i said no. then tried for the pants...I said no...i let him feel me over my shirt...and he told me my breasts were firm? what are we grocery shopping for oranges? !? i was scared...and I dont know why. He told me he liked me alot and wanted me...and I kept saying no. until he kept playing the guilt card on me, saying i didnt like him, etc. I finally broke and let him have sex with me. ... Oh I should mention. when i was younger, I was molested twice by two different men. So anytime I have had sex "against my will (meaning I did it even though I didnt want to)" I cry . Not like bawling (thats after) but during tears come from my eyes, and after its done I cry like someone killed my dog. He asked me what was wrong about 10 times...but still. I dont know , Ive been kind of uneasy since Ive been home....I got home today around 2 pm.

I went to my friends house after and we had a nice sleepover, we got some candy and slurpees..and watched movies! YAY! It was religious girl and another girl from my english class, shes pretty tall and pretty so I shall name her tall/pretty girl. We had a nice time, I slept on an airmattress which deflated and was out by 12:30...Way to be cool. Oh well.

I dont know what to do about this guy. I like him despite his shit personality...and OMG hes fucking loaded...like holy three cars...and pulled out many 100 dollar bills. and was wearing R&R jeans. WHAT. I dont want to tell anyone...like I told my friend last night...and I think I told tall/pretty girl...but I mean I dont want to tell my mom or my best friends, cuz I know what he did was wrong...he was semi drunk and basically took advantage of me and peer pressured me. I know it was also my fault for not knowing when to stop...and I should have not given in... I feel so guilty and stupid and used...he seems to think we're boyfriend and girlfriend now though. umm. what? Hes kinda whiny and bitchy. I dont like it. Im embarrassed on how stupid I was yesterday. Oh well....

Tonight is going to be good. Going out to the club with religious girl. Getting right drunk...and escaping how shitty I feel. Great...that makes me sound like an alcoholic. oh well. I am kinda sad....yet I wear this mask with friends that makes me seem so damn happy. I am at a low at the moment I think because I stopped and thought about what happend yesterday with a clear mind. I am disgusted with myself...especially because I want to see him again....

And I cant stop thinking about cable guy...I want him so bad it hurts sometimes. amazing what a month will do to your emotions. Its only been a week since he said it. well more, since it happend on a thursday. I need to shut up and get over it...but it still hurts. ALOT.

Anyways. I am going to take a nap, I need to be awake tonight. Lets hope I dont make an ass of myself...

So ... since you wanna be with me, you have to follow through...

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on May 18, 2007 at 8:47PM

Its been almost a week since I've written...I dont know why...Its not like I was super busy or anything...I guess it just slipped my mind.

I haven't really done this week. I wrote an exam on wednesday for Biology, I dont know how I did, either I got an amazing mark on it or I bombed it. I hate when I feel this way, because its usually I did so shitty on it. BOO! I made some new friends this week actually, thats a pretty big thing, because this weekend for me is extremely hectic, so I'm pumped!

I befriended a girl a couple of weeks ago, shes somewhat religious so I'll call her "religious girl" (even though shes not a creepy religious person, just the type that goes to church and is saving herself to marriage..so dont take it as im being prejudice, I myself am NOT religious, so yeah)
Anyways, shes a really cool girl, and I like her alot, but we don't have that much in common. She is really into hockey, I could give two shits about hockey, etc etc. But nonetheless shes cool. A week later I befriended another girl, shes smart and pretty, and somewhat more like me...so we'll call her "other girl"...because my brain is half shut off. Other girl is very cool, but she is friends with this OTHER OTHER girl, we'll call her "hated girl" because well, it seems everyone hates her. Therefore, other girl is hated too, especially by religious girl. So imagine going between those two camps. Its very hard, but so far I have been managing!

I am having a sleepover with religious girl and another friend tomorrow night at religious girls house...I am pretty excited about that, considering I haven't hung out with a girl outside of school yet. Sunday night is going to be my highlight, religious girl (who is also an alcohol tank *meaning she can drink ALOT and not feel anything*) and I are going out to a club (its a long weekend here in Canada) This will be my first club/bar outting. I AM PUMPED! I was supposed to go out tonight, but my cute guy friend bailed on me last night because he realised he doesnt have the car. BOO! Thats ok though...

So nothing from Cable guy...I am hoping he calls one day...and when that day comes I will be over the moon!
But until then, I am trying my hand at internet dating (for the 700th time)...I dont know why I am trying again, because it usually brings me an idiot. But hey, why not. It occupies time and boosts my self esteem from the bunch of losers trying to get me into a one night stand. YAY!
The ones that are really hot and everything Im looking for are either desperate losers or jackasses. WTF. Or they dont want me. Its not that Im desperate or anything, Im far from it...but. I dont know. Or they are interested,but suddenly just stop talking to me.

I have become secretly addicted to Robin Thicke, thanks to my dear blakes song choice this week. IS IT SO WRONG?! I want blake to win, but Jordin is clearly more talented....thats ok....BLAKE! (American Idol)

And YAY for Jaslene for kicking ass! :). I dont see how rene looked OLD ?! WHAT?! (Americas Next)

But alas, I have to pee, BADLY . I also have a gross rash that makes me look like a acne face. BOO! Brings me back to when I was like 12 and had to be on accutane...THREE TIMES. How embarrassing. its also on my back and chest. EWWW. It honestly is mortifying. I hate not having clear skin. Ive been picking at them though, I cant help it. White zits irritate me. So now my face is covered in red bumps instead of white. Cute.

Hopefully this weekend turns out HOT! :)

It feels like I just walked right out of heaven....

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on May 13, 2007 at 7:04AM

Its Mothers day, its nearly 8 am, and I'm actually awake on a sunday!? What is wrong with me?! I swear my cellphone alarm hates my guts, or it wouldnt wake me up like this, especially when its set to go off from monday-friday. WHAT.
My weekend started off not bad, I went to school, skipped biology (again...), and went for some great retail therapy. I'm not going to lie, I felt high . I got the cutest dress from forever 21....very marilyn of me...I also got my D&G sunglasses (FINALLY!), some MAC plushgloss, Girls Next Door Season 2, The new "7 deadly sins" (#6 just came out), and of course, some chanel earrings. Did I blow a shit load of money? YES. Did it make me feel better? YES. I also got my nails done and my eyebrows (they were getting on the verge of man.) I wanted these shoes from aldo, but it was the shoes, or my nails...and I picked the nails, because the shoes were really uncomfy, but they matched my dress perfectly! :( BOO!

Yesterday was me cleaning for mothers day...great present ! and attending my little sisters birthday at Chuck E cheese. ... The one that cable guy and I got caught making out at...and the manager recognized me...and talked to my mom. Luckily she knew, or I would have been killed. I spent my night shoving kids out of the way, gambling away my tokens, and just being rediculous.
So now....it's sunday...I am boyless....and I kinda don't like it. I mean I like being like oh whatever, but I want cable guy. He's the kind of guy I could fall for...extremely hard. We dated a month, barely made out (with some dry humping), and I cried after he told me he wasn't ready. It's a good thing I didn't go any further....

I understand why he's not ready, and I can't say I can blame him. I met him three days after he had been out of a serious relationship....
I just hope he calls me when he's ready, because damnit I want him! and whatever I want, I usually get...and if I don't, its a sad sad day for everyone that knows me.
So instead of moping around, I've bounced back...and started hitting on this guy that I thought was cute for a while, but has a girlfriend...BAD! I know...but alas. He's moving to Edmonton this summer (he's in a suburb like me right now), and will probably ditch the girl...hopefully. which means he doesn't want a girlfriend either cuz he's going to be travelling . WHAT is with my bad timing, honestly!?

Next weekend hopefully will be better. My friend invited me to a sleepover on saturday, and sunday is my first night at the club...YEAHHH MAY 2-4! and perhaps on friday I will hang out with girlfriend-boy...Oh the weekend is filling up fast...and I'm ready for it!

Now I just have to conquer this week. So far only a biology exam. YEY. But there will be more, there always is....

I feel fat....perhaps it was all the pizza I ate yesterday...whooops!

Well, I should probably go do some work...maybe read my new book...it could go anywhere from here.

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Umm. WHAT?!

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on May 10, 2007 at 11:18PM

Umm. umm. WHAT?! So I got off the phone with cable guy an hour ago...apparently hes not ready for a serious relationship, and wants to wait to try with me until he's ready...which he said would be in a few months. Umm. WHAT?! WTF?! I can't even believe this...I guess its good because him and I basically only made out...and I took it as he doesn't want me to just be the girl that he had sex with...which is good, but wow that hurts. I wish I had met him when he was over his stupid ex girlfriend. GRRR! I am just. GRR! Now I can't go to the club, and I am very upset. I am going shopping tomorrow, but I am honestly ready to just. blow up. I feel like going to smoke a whole pack of smokes, get right drunk, eat some garbage junk food, and pass out. *Sigh* What the hell is wrong with me, honestly. just when I think OH WOW, everything is 100% perfect, I am clearly wrong. WRONG. My mom thinks he will call when he's ready, but I feel like every guy I get with is just out to fuck me, and leave me. Seriously, Cable guy likes me enough, but just wants sex at the moment, ex boyfriend was a dink bag...I'm fucked.
Perhaps one day I will actually find someone that is good. MAYBE.
Until then, who knows, but Im ready to take someone out. I ate two pizza pockets, went over my sodium intake, and I don't give a fuck.
Im going to have the craziest retail therapy tomorrow, its going to blow my mind .
But alas, I will update more this weekend...I hope I don't have too shitty a weekend....

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One of these days maybe your magic won't affect me...and your kiss won't make me weak

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on May 7, 2007 at 12:54PM

So here I am, 1:30-ish in the afternoon, chilling at my house, and having a hard time breathing. GREAT.
All weekend was pretty amazing, on friday I ate a ton of pizza. Saturday I went to Ikea with my mom, and she bought me an Audrey Hepburn canvas painting, its so cute! She also dyed my hair, which looks DAMN good, now I need my brows done, and possibly my ....brazilian area done???? Hmm.

Sunday was my actual birthday, and I felt like shit, I only got about ... 5 hrs of sleep, I was having a hard time breathing, and my heart was beating really fast. I went to the casino with my mom, it was super fun, even though I lost most of the games I played, I won 25$ :) yey . Then after returning home and taking a 25 min nap, Cable guy called. :) He said he'd pick me up at around 5:45. I was pretty much already ready, so I layed around for a bit more, fixed my face, and off I went.
He looked so cute, he was all dressed up :) He drove me to this restaurant on the other side of town called "Century Grill". I had been there before, and didn't really like any of their food, but i ordered pasta and a cocktail. It was a cremesicle, with absolut orange and vanilla, and then OJ. it wasnt that good, but I think all cocktails are gross (all the ones Ive tried) but I did manage to finish it. (FIRST COCKTAIL FINISHED!) Cable guy got a jack daniels and coke. :) We had a nice time talking and stuff, but I really wasnt feeling well, I took maybe three bites before I had to stop eating cuz I felt nautious. He then brought me back to his appartment, and he was so sweet! He gave me my gift (an adorable playboy bracelet!!!!) and cuddled with me. He even let me use his favorite mug for some sprite, after I had downed like three fruit breezers (those halls type things), some cough syrup, and inhaled some vicks vapo rub. :-S Eventually I got in the mood enough for some crazy making out (although I had to take breaks so I could breathe) and some more dry humping. It was pretty awesome. he kept trying to get into my panties (I was wearing a cute dress) but I declined, and that was that. OMG THOUGH, I wanted to SO BAD. If I hadn't of been sick, I would have wanted to rip my clothes off and go to town! But...that didn't happen, but since I am going out this saturday and most likely staying over at his house, I have a feeling sex will be happening. ... Lets hope not though! We had a huge discussion about it, hes like I wont like you any less if we have sex, and the fact that you're using lack of sex to make me like you more is kind of ...different. I said too bad, you have to wait! We dicked around for a few hours, layed in his bed, and I made him take his shirt off :) Happy Birthday indeed! :) Then it was time for me to go home....so I went home, felt even more gross...and Yesterday I vowed I'd quit smoking today. So I had my last smoke (which I couldn't even FINISH!) and then it just went downhill from there.

I told my mom to bring me to the ER, which she did, and I stayed there from 11:45-6 am. At 1:50 AM we got brought into a room, and sat there for a while, I had to do all these tests and xrays, do that mask thing with fattening steroids in it :-S. It wasnt that fun, i kept coughing up more and more phlem. TASTY. The mask was kind of fun, even though It'll make me fat if I have to use it all the time! I actually got stoned off of it. YES! haha. I really have to quit smoking, or I'll have to take sterroids everyday aka fat girl. And I think Im fat now, I cant imagine doubling my weight :-S I would have to wear table cloths for shirts or something :-S I like going to stores and trying shit on and have it actually fit. Its pretty nice. But that won't happen if I keep smoking, :( Im kinda sad, because this may sound sick, but I enjoyed smoking, it made me relax, have a nice time....But now that is ruined. So now, I have to quit, and will probably get extremely bitchy in the next few days.

My period hasn't came yet, its been two months, I got a test from the doctor done, and I'm not pregnant, but wtf where is it?! I am getting FAT. I have a double chin in like every picture. NO!

I have a pap tomorrow, yey. I am also going to talk to my doctor about these "sterroids" and how fat I will get from taking them for five days ... I DONT WANT THEM!

BLAH! I only got four hours of sleep this morning, it kind of sucks! Hopefully tonight I can go to sleep in peace, and actually sleep more than 5 hrs.

We'll see what happens in the comming weeks, A month and two days away from Graduation, 5 days until I go out to my first club, a month and 22 days until Cable Guy's birthday. Let's hope this all goes smoothly.

I wanna lay like this forever....

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on Apr 30, 2007 at 11:13PM

OMG. An amazing weekend, followed by an AMAZING monday! :)
Friday was not so amazing, when I called my boyfriend he said "it would be nice" if i let him go because he was "drinking with his buddies", then later sent me a txt saying he'd call me on saturday. Saturday rolls around, no call , NOTHING. I didnt message him or anything because of that rude thing he did on friday. Sunday morning, he messages me as soon as I come online. He "tried to call", but magically my phone didnt ring and I didnt have any missed calls. WOW. So right away I broke up with him, stating he was "too busy" to have a girlfriend. HAHAHAH yeah right, but I wanted to part on good terms, I did take the idiot way of doing it by doing it online, but I couldn't take the bullshit anymore. So I ended it, and once I did, I felt a HUGE weight off my shoulders and I was smiling so huge my face hurt.

Cable guy called me later that night, and we planned monday night (aka tonight) I was so excited!
School was long and boring today, I just wanted to get home so bad! Since cable guy didn't know, I couldn't tell him the good news, but Im sure he could sound how happy I was in my voice.
So I get out of school, call cable guy, and he told me he was on his way. I sped walked home so I could have time to do my makeup and such.
He got there shortly after three PM, and off we went to the West Edmonton Mall to watch the sealion show. It was pretty damn lame, but it was pretty cute too.
We then wandered in the mall for a few hours, and he wanted to buy me my birthday present then, but I didnt want to ask, so I told him to pick something out for me. He bought a sexy watch from guess. it was 175$, he didnt even blink. Some bitch with a chanel bag and an adorable dog let him pet the dog, but not before moving the dog closer to her boobs. *sigh* who does that? she didnt do that when I petted the dog! JEEZ.
We also went to a pet store to look at puppies! We also went on the rollarcoasted, and he got really scared, CUTEST EVER. After wandering, we went to this place that had delicious ice cream. I got birthday cake with reeces pieces, he got cheesecake and oreos.
Then, we decided to go back to his place to watch a movie. Yeahhh, that didnt happen. we basically made out, with some boob grabbing and some butt smacking. It was pretty awesome. He was really trying to get me into bed, but I said no, im sorry. ! It was alright though, I was really trying to resist, but I really wanted him. But none the less, after some dry humping, etc, I stood strong, and I did a good job. we cuddled, discussed wtf we are (we are dating now! YES!) and we looked at pictures of his family and him as a little kid (OMG HOW CUTE!) Then after more cuddling, some kissing, and butt grabbing (PS I had a skirt on....hmm not so smart) he drove me home. OH! and ! I was doing this random tongue sucking thing, and CUT HIS TONGUE SOMEHOW. OMG. who does that?! It was a tad embarrassing :(

None the less, an amazing date was had by all, and I still have his watch (his old one) :) Probably the best date I've had in a long time. WOW, all I can say is this one is going to be a freak in bed, and I like it! I am debating how long I shall make him wait, and I'm thinking two months or so is appropriate. Perhaps for his birthday (June 29th!) It shall be good. Oh yes, yes it shall.

Other than that, everything has been A+ amazing. Lets see what else this birthday week can bring!

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He had tattoos up and down his arm, theres nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm...

Posted By playboy_bunny66 on Apr 27, 2007 at 8:43PM

Hmm. Lots and lots to tell.
So cable guy went to his aunts funeral, and I didn't contact him all week (until the monday that just passed, when he called me a few hours after he got home!). I was with my boyfriend, yes, I know I know. Two weeks tomorrow until I am officially fucked (aka if I dont make a decision both cable guy and boyfriend will show up at my birthday. NO!)

Cable guy and I went on a date on tuesday....we went to see "Fracture" (A+ movie!) and before that we got kicked out of the chuck e cheese parking lot for making out (we were going to go in but he wouldn't stop kissing me!) He kept asking me to go to his place, I said NO! ....Very nice. Him and I kissed and cuddled etc all night, and when we were watching the movie, i was running my nails along his arm, and I guess he liked it because he was like "I want to kiss you so bad!" then we drove to some random road to kiss like fiends. REDICULOUS! It was an amazing date, and my boyfriend is still txt'ing me almost everyday, although I havent talked to him on the phone since wednesday, and we have no plans for this weekend. Right now, I am leaning towards cable guy, hardcore! I don't care about his age, I don't care that he isnt as tall as I'd like....He's just wow. I honestly don't believe he is playing me...he's just. :) makes me smile! We're probably hanging out on monday, going to watch the sealions preform, SO excited! :)

School is going gay. I did so much rediculous shit this week , i wrote a position paper in an hour....I wrote three 1.5 page journal entries in an hour and a half....I skipped Biology today to chill with my friend and watch "X MEN 3: THE LAST STAND" (Im a fan!) Thursday was HOLOCAUST DAY for me, Schindlers List in the morning, spare, The conclusion of "The Pianist", then the holocaust symposium in the afternoon (SO BORING!) I love learning about the holocaust, but seriously, this guy made it seem so boring, and the movie they played lasted FOREVER and was extremely hard to follow, and some idiot gave a speech, and it SUCKED.

My family affairs are in order, everyone is getting along, its actually quite nice.

Oh Cable guy. You are so spectacular....and hot! and a crazy kisser....mmmmm. He is just. wow. haha I'm in lust!...the sad part is that I don't feel bad I am doing this . I don't feel guilty, I don't feel anything. I have never done this , and will never do this again because the decision is too hard. They both have qualities I want, and some I don't want, I wish I could just morph them into one person damnit! CMON SCIENCE, GIT'R'Done!

I actually have the feeling that I have friends, and its really nice. For a long time I felt like a loner, but now Im starting to feel like I have some friends. Its a good feeling.

OH GOD. Almost exactly TWO weeks until I HAVE to make up my mind. OMFG. I hope I pick the right one! Im the type of person I only stay with them because I can, because I like having someone, but if Im single Im happy with that too, I just like having someone that wants me. (Im a bit of an attention whore, just in case you didn't realise)
Sometimes I wish I was Hef, but I had three boyfriends, and they knew about each other....that way all my needs would be fulfilled. yeahhh thats kind of wrong, I shouldn't have said that, but oh well, Thats how I feel sometimes (I am not a polygamist...well Neither is hef, because he isn't married to anyone...but anyways, you get my drift.)

Well. It's friday, I am home once again, alone...and I don't mind. I am extremely tired, and I am not exactly sure why, but thats ok, I can sleeeeep in!

Sometimes I wish I was someone or something different than I am, but then i realise my life is pretty sweet, and I can't really bitch, except for a few minor things, but without those, I wouldn't be who I am, and If I wasn't what I am, life might not be so peachy!

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